Full Stack Web Developer

My name is Katerina Kabardi also known as "pycat"

Crazy Pythonista and Djangonaut!
Linux lover, passionate about Web Technologies and extremely excited to build your own Web Application.

What I do

My core expertise is Python. I primarily use Python DJango Web and REST Frameworks while for Front end I use Bootstrap Framework, occasionally also AngularJS. My strong focus is on accessible and usable Front End Development and Back End Applications based on MVC pattern.

Excellent knowledge of Wordpress and Cms Made Simple Customizations, through my past experience as an employed and freelance Web Developer. Areas of specific interest include DJango Frameworks, thus I’m currently seeking to join a non-profit to challenge my creative skills and further develop my experience in the field.

Other stuff

When I am not coding, I spend as much quality time as I can with my 5 years old son trying to be a good mother I also pretend to be a musician (pianist & trombonist) and a volleyball player.

Currently working @Swappa

Photo by Filipos Bramis

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